Suzuki GSX-R150 Review By Team BikeBD

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Suzuki GSX-R150 Test Ride Review:

Suzuki GSX-R150 Review By Team BikeBD

Riding Suzuki GSX-R150 in city is pure fun in the traffic, although the bike has very aggressive handle bar but due to its short height you can maneuver the bike in the traffic. Both the suspensions give good feedback on bumpy road but due to the handle bar position you will have pain on the wrist of your hands for the first few days.

Highway rides too is a bit tough & if you happen to have a pillion then things might even get worse for you. Although the suspension give good feedback on any roads but as the handle bar is a bit aggressive the whole body pressure or weight goes on the wrist of the hands which makes life very difficult if you happen to hit a huge pot hole or goes under heavy braking. It is very difficult to ride this motorcycle for more than one hour without giving any rest to your hands.

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