Neighbours VS Time Travel – Webisode 2

Paul’s changed the last 30 years of Neighbours history… is he really the father of Sonja’s baby?

Happy Halloween from your friends on Ramsay (and Robinson) Street!

In attempt to give his past self business tips from the future, Paul inadvertently changes the fates of many of his neighbours. Susan’s now married to another man, as rock star Karl tries desperately to win her back.

Good guys have turned bad – and vice versa – as Paul’s deranged son Rob Robinson (Adz Hunter) is a free man – but can he really be trusted?

As Paul encounters his friends and family, he’s horrified by their changed fortunes – his daughter Amy has unknowingly married her brother, Leo! With the mob – fronted by the Toadfather – hot on his heels, can Paul set history straight?

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