Free Download Cicool – page form rest api and crud generator nulled PHP Script


  • CRUD Generator
  • PAGE Generator
  • Form Generator
  • REST API Generator
  • Wizzard Setup
  • 20+ Field Types
  • 35+ Forms
  • Ajax Form
  • Dynamic menu
  • Automatic documentation generation
  • Shortcodes
  • Easy theme customization 
  • RESTful server
  • Easily save data with hotkeys
  • Multilingual

Thanks for your quick response to my question. Just one more. Using the Cicool interface can I use my own API calls to my existing backend system or would I need to edit the PHP / Javascript that Cicool generates?

hello every API that you created you can directly use to create, edit, view, detail view and delete data using the API, documentation also direct the generated when you create API,

so you can directly use this API, if you want to add another method you can edit the file API controller created by this cicool

Support, The script work well in local server but not okay in remote server Trying the installation, it show:

Not Found The requested URL /cicool/wizzard/language was not found on this server.

Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Can help to fix the problem?

I have few questions before I purchase your script.

1. Can cicool works with existing database?

2. Can cicool creates password-proctected pages where the users need to login before the pages available to them?

3. What type of security features do you used in cicool.

4. Can we modified User model to have additional fields?

1. yes you can build with existing database

2. for page must login or public avaiable for form builder and backend yes for that user must login

3. cicool uses security on codeigniter basis and for passwords it is definitely safer by using salt encryption and uniq id for Rest API scurity using JWT auth

4. yes that you can adjust

your installation.txt file is not detailed enough for installation… or the program is not working… I changed my php version to 7.3, i extracted the files as suggested and I still end up with a 403 error… Whats up with that? How can i install if I can’t even get to the wizard?

I uploaded the zip file, extracted it on my public_html from my files in DirectAdmin and nothing is working…? I copied the files in Cicool to the directory after trying the Cicool directory first and still 403 error… Please fix this.

not only the theme and installation, cicool provide generators to facilitate you in building a system like CRUD Generator, Rest API generator, form generator, page generator, and many other features such as, management of users, auth, access the menu, you can also custom theme easily.

i think there’s a bug, when you upload files or maybe I’m wrong. It uploads the file, but it does not show it or download it/ or it downloads a blank file with 60bytes. the file is in /uploads/ but the link goes to /administrator/file/download.

2nd thing is: when I delete the file and save, it says “warning! The data has not changed.” regards.

Yes i thin need to change url download file to : /uploads/modulename/filename.ext

for no 2 issue you have change data before save ?

interested to buy this script would like to know will i able to export my work to integrate to any of my project will i get full source code as output ?

yes for now you can adjust the old project if the old project using codeigniter is very easy to make to cicool. or you can create a table in phpmyadmin and you can make CRUD on the CRUD builder in cicool

I am thinking of purcahse your code. Before that, could you please confirm following questions as below.

1. Can I disable to show up the CRUD Builder? 2. Can I display created CRUD as in side menu 3. Can I change the dashboard? I want to put some information rather than just 4 icons that you have on a demo.

yes exactly for point 1 & 2 you can change it in menu module and setting

for point 3 you can modify in view file dashboard.php

Free Download Cicool

using xampp with PHP version 7.4.27. during installation getting following warning in server requirement: WARNING.! There are some server systems that are not being met, please solve this problem.

You have PHP 7 (or greater; Current Version: 7.4.27 ) – warning

After click on next button, its automatically redirect to previous page.

presale question. can i use this to create a welfare system, where members donate an amount monthly to use it for a project. also will want it show in users dashbord and admins own if he has paid or even still when he has made payment for like 2 or 3 months

Excellent PHP app. Can you please tell me if it is possible to use Cicool to create a front-end for my existing API driven backend? My existing system issues auth-token in the header once user account is successfully authenticated and then I query APIs that return JSON data. Thanks.

yes for frontend cicool currently available at a separate folder for frontend mmudahkan to customize content and dynamically change the theme, for the API user cicool already available for login, register, get a token, and you can make another API in cicool easily.

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