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Bajaj V15

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Bajaj V is the all new classic & versatile commuter from Bajaj Auto Limited India. Here V is stands for Vikrant therefore INS Vikrant. The INS Vikrant is the first Aircraft Carrier made by India.
Basically INS Vikrant was constructed in England and commissioned as HMS Hercules for British Royal Navy on 1943. But during the World War II its construction held off before the completion. Finally India purchased the incomplete carrier from Britain on 1957 and finished its construction on 1961. That time the carrier commissioned at Indian Navy as INS Vikrant. On 1971 this aircraft carrier took part in the in favor of Bangladesh Liberation War against West Pakistan.
After that, from January 1997 it decommissioned from Indian Navy and served as museum ship at Mumbai. On 2012 the ship was closed and that sold on 2014 as scrap to the Bajaj Auto Limited. Considering the history of Vikrant Bajaj Auto decided to launch a brand new bike from the scrap metal the ship. So in honor of glorious INS Vikrant here is Bajaj V.
The Bajaj V is the classic look 150cc commuter. It’s design quite like the café racer bikes. It also looking somewhat alike small short-end cruiser. But considering the overall specification and feature it fits best with the commuter segment.

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